20+ Sweet Photos of Archie & Lilibet in Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Netflix Docuseries

Early into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Netflix docuseries, Meghan opens up about her children’s privacy. “We’ve been really conscious of protecting our kids as best as we can and also understanding the role that they play in this really historical family.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have two kids: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who turned 3 in May, and Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, who turned 1 in June. The two have kept them out of the spotlight as much as possible. “As a dad, and as parents, I think consent is a really key piece to this,” Prince Harry says in Harry & Meghan. “That if you have children, it should be your consent as to what you share.”

Throughout Harry & Meghanhowever, short glimpses appear of Archie and Lilibet (“Lili”)—including baby photos, home videos, and other sweet snaps.

Here, see all the times Archie and Lili appear in the Netflix docuseries that tells their parents’ love story.

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In this sweet photograph, Prince Harry carries his son on his shoulders, and Archie wears a blue sun hat.

Meghan takes a mirror selfie with what appears to be a very young baby Archie. The background seems to be their Frogmore Cottage home.

Meghan, Harry, and Meghan’s mom Doria celebrate a birthday with Archie—could it be Archie’s first birthday in May 2020?

Doria speaks out for the first time in Harry & Meghan, saying “The last five years has been challenging. I’m ready to have my voice heard, that’s for sure. A little bit of my experience, you know, as her mom.”

Meghan cuddles with one of her kids. “So much of what Meghan is and how she is, is so similar to my mum,” Prince Harry said of his wife. “She has the same compassion. She has the same empathy. She has the same confidence. She has this warmth about her.”

In one video shared in Harry & MeghanPrince Harry films Archie walking along a dirt road, running after one of their dogs.

Prince Harry holds Archie under an umbrella in the rain, as Archie wears a hat that has little ears.

In this black and white snap, Meghan reads to her son as he wears a dinosaur t-shirt. They seem to be sitting next to a crib—perhaps she’s reading to Lili, too.

This still is from a video of Archie exploring a field as Prince Harry, who is recording, sings.

While this photograph is focused on Meghan and Harry’s two dogs (they got a third, a rescue beagle named Mamma Mia, in August), in the background, you can see Prince Harry reading to his kids.

Here, a pregnant Meghan smiles at the camera as Archie rests on her belly.

This is a still from a sweet video where Prince Harry zooms Archie around on a suitcase.

Prince Harry kisses one of his kids on the head—unclear which baby this is!

“My son, my daughter—my children are mixed race and I’m really proud of that,” Harry said during a voiceover. “When my kids grow up and they back look at this moment and they turn to me, they say, ‘what did you do in this moment?’ I want to be able to give them an answer.”

Meghan feeds their chickens with one of their kids—likely Lilibet—strapped to her chest.

“I’m sure it’ll only get more chaotic as they get older, but for me, it’s both monitors on for the kids to hear them—Always up with Lili, get her downstairs. Then a half hour later, Archie’s up. Start doing his lunchbox right before he’s up, while I have her getting her a little nibble. My husband’s helping me get him downstairs, and I make breakfast for all three of them. It’s very important to me. I love doing it,” Meghan shared on her podcast of their morning routine.

In one of the sweetest home videos from the first three episode of Harry & Meghan, Meghan records Harry taking a photo of a hummingbird. “We won’t get a chance to be this close to hummingbirds ever again,” Harry tells Archie. “Why?” Archie asks.”Just watch. Because they are scared of humans,” Harry says.

Archie soon is distracted by his “dirty foot,” as he tells Meghan. She tells her son, “Dad is a bird watcher so this is a really big moment for him.” This still is from that video.

In another video, Meghan holds hands with Archie as they run through a yard. The mother-son duo are in matching cozy neutrals.

In this photo of the Sussexes all dressed up, Meghan carries Archie in her arms while Lili sits on her dad’s shoulders.

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