22,000 more Idahoans travel for Memorial Day than 2021, AAA says

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The average price for regular gas in Idaho is $4.62, while the US average is $4.60. Despite the soaring prices, 8% more Idahoans are expected to travel than 2021.

BOISE, Idaho — Despite soaring gas prices throughout the Gem State and nationwide, AAA expects 22,000 more Idahoans to travel for Memorial Day than 2021.

The average per-gallon price for regular gas in Idaho sits at $4.62, while the US average is $4.60. Last week, the average price for fuel in Idaho was $4.52 and one month ago it was $4.44.

Even with the expensive costs for Gem State and US families, Memorial Day will see a massive travel boom.

224,000 Idaho residents – 8% more than last year – and 39 million Americans are preparing to travel this weekend, according to AAA.

“Whether you’re taking a road trip or catching a flight, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel all spring from the same source – crude oil,” AAA Idaho public affairs director, Matthew Conde said. “Expensive fill-ups, cruises, and airline tickets are hitting everyone hard, but we’re just getting to the unofficial start of summer travel, and most people aren’t ready to give up on their vacation plans just yet.”

If you plan to travel for the holiday, AAA recommends taking your vehicle in for a pre-trip inspection and bringing an emergency kit with a flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables and flares or reflectors.

The service organization expects to provide emergency road service to around 427,000 drivers nationwide and 750 Idaho drivers over Memorial Day weekend.

“A lot of people have put off routine maintenance during the pandemic, but now it’s a good idea to make up for lost time,” Conde said. “Ask friends and family for recommendations on a repair shop or visit AAA.com/autorepair to find a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop in your area.”

AAA said Thursday afternoon will be the busiest time on the road, as travelers getting an early start to their trip add to the traffic with evening commuters. Monday is projected to be the busiest return day on the road.

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Idaho currently ranks 19th in the US for most-expensive fuel. The $4.60 per-gallon price for regular gas nationwide is 12 cents more than last week and 48 cents more than one month ago.

A list of average gas prices on Memorial Day over the last seven years is included below, provided by AAA:

  • 2021: US – $3.04 … Idaho – $3.24
  • 2020: US – $1.96 … Idaho – $2.14
  • 2019: US – $2.83 … Idaho – $3.20
  • 2018: US – $2.97 … Idaho – $3.18
  • 2017: US – $2.37 … Idaho – $2.58
  • 2016: US – $2.32 … Idaho – $2.46
  • 2015: US – $2.74 … Idaho – $2.87

“This year, some people may redefine ‘road trip’ – instead of driving from place to place and covering larger distances, they may select a location that can serve as a base camp and then explore the surrounding area to save on gas,” Conde said.

Below is a list of the average gas prices in cities around Idaho as of Monday:

  • boise – $4.65
  • Coeur d’Alene – $4.73
  • Franklin – $4.59
  • Idaho Falls – $4.44
  • Lewiston – $4.65
  • pocatello – $4.48
  • Rexburg – $4.57
  • Twin Falls – $4.62

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