A God of War Simpsons mod with added voice acting is chef kiss

Stunt casting the full game would be fun

four years ago, God of War smashed into the industry and made a lasting impact. Before the sequel comes out and likely does the same, we can enjoy this God of War Simpsons mod.

Created as part of Omega Fantasy’s Patreon, the mod swaps out Kratos for Homer, and his son Atreus for Bart — with Flanders butting in as “The Stranger.” The gameplay is effectively the same, but you get the new character models (including a reworked [Wonder]bat instead of Kratos’ Leviathan Ax). YouTuber ToastedShoes also managed to hire voice actors to add a finishing touch, which really makes the below video worth watching. They even completely change the script to make it more like one of those “trilogy/what if” The Simpsons episodes.

The voices are done by Benjamin Rudman (Homer), June Briar (Bart), and Brock Baker (Flanders), and I have to say, the performances make it. You can’t really sell Flanders fighting Homer without some sort of “diddly” rant, and the relationship between Homer and Bart is even funnier with them talking directly to each other.

A lot of people in the YouTube comments are calling for a Peter Griffin versus the Chicken mod — and with plenty of Peter soundalikes out there, I think someone can make it happen.

Chris Carter

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