Aaron Rodgers roasts Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen for their poor golf skills ahead of June showdown

At this time next week, four of the best quarterbacks in the NFL will be in Las Vegas together getting ready to play in “The Match,” which is a two-on-two golf event that will be going down on June 1 on TNT .

The event will feature Aaron Rodgers teaming up with Tom Brady to take on Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. To help build up some drama for the showdown, Rodgers and Brady joined the “Inside the NBA” crew for an interview over the weekend and things got a little crazy.

First, we had Charles Barkley — a notoriously bad golfer — ask Rodgers for his take on how the Packers QB and Brady will handle playing against two younger guys. Rodgers then answered by roasting both Mahomes and Allen for their golf skills.

“Charles, I’ve done my scouting report and I heard that Josh was terrible at Pebble (Beach) and Pat has played the last couple of years in Tahoe and hasn’t broken 80 yet,” Rodgers said. “I think he was closer to being in a group with you — No offense, Charles — then maybe with me in Tahoe. I feel really good about our chances.”

The Lake Tahoe event that Rodgers is referring to is the American Century Championship, which is a celebrity golf tournament that’s held annually. In the 2021 event, Rodgers finished 24th overall while Mahomes finished tied for 50th. During the three-round tournament, Mahomes’ best score was an 81 on the par-72 course. As for Rodgers, he had better score than Mahomes on all three days and his best score came in the first-round when he shot a 71.

Basically, Rodgers likes his chances of winning in Vegas because he doesn’t think Mahomes is a good golfer. The Packers QB also likes having Brady on his team.

“The thing that isn’t taken into account is that Tom is the ultimate competitor and I know he’s been training hard with his swing coach,” Rodgers said. “He might not have as many swing coaches as Tony Romo, but I know he’s getting after it. And he’ll be ready to play come June 1.”

During the segment, Barkley asked Brady if he was going to be making some side bets during the match and the Buccaneers QB seemed very open to the idea.

“Whatever those young guys want to bet,” Brady said. “I know, I’m probably the lowest-paid guy out there on the golf course this time around between those three heavy hitters, but whatever they want, I got action on those guys. Although I would say golf’s not my number one sport , it may have a way of bringing out the best in me. I think we’re ready to take on these young bucks.”

The hilarious part here is that Barkley responded to Brady calling himself the “lowest-paid” guy by pointing out that he just agreed to a monstrous TV deal with Fox.

“Tom, number one, if you’re worried about being the lowest-paid guy, why don’t you just quit, retire again, and go to TV? I hear you got some change coming your way,” Barkley said.

Although Brady was very talkative during the interview, he quickly changed the subject when Barkley brought that up.

“All in due time,” Brady said. “I think you guys are doing just fine yourselves.”

The interview with Rodgers and Brady went on for about eight minutes and you can see the entire thing by clicking here.

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