Apparently We’re Getting More Info On The Final Fantasy IX Show This Week

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Image: Square Enix

In a surprise announcement last year, we found out that the highly acclaimed PlayStation RPG — also available on Switch, of course — Final Fantasy IX would be getting an animated show. Developed by Paris-based Cyber ​​Group Studios, we’ve heard literally nothing since this initial reveal almost a year ago. But it looks like our patience is going to be rewarded.

Animation Magazine has interviewed the Vice President of Cyber ​​Group, Bruno Danzel d’Aumont, ahead of the 2022 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, where brands such as LEGO, Pokémon, Warner Bros., and more often make appearances. In the interview, d’Aumont says that Cyber ​​Group will be sharing “the company’s latest updates” during the show, and when asked about what new shows will be presented, one will be of interest for fans of Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and Steiner’s journey in the 2000 RPG:

At the Licensing Expo, we will, of course, continue to promote our global preschool property Gigantosaurus, with new content to come internationally. It will be a great opportunity to share our upcoming plans with our licensees, agents, and new partners. Additionally, our most recently developed shows — Digital Girl, The McFire Family, Press Start! and Final Fantasy IX — will be presented for the first time. These four new series have a strong licensing appeal for different age targets.

What information will be presented, we don’t know yet, or just how much we on the outside will be able to see. However, fans are likely wondering how the show will translate the events of the game to audiences between the ages of 8-13. Final Fantasy IX is cute and cuddly on the surface, but (as fans know) it tackles some deep subjects like existentialism, death, loyalty, and identity.

The other question is what will the animation style be like, and just how close will the show stick to Toshiyuki Itahana and Hideo Minaba’s character designs? Will we get to see the show in action or see any concept art?.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of the Licensing Expo this week. The event kicks off at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on 24th May — which is tomorrow — to 26th May, which is when the online part of the show starts. You can check out more about the convention right here.

What are your hopes for the Final Fantasy IX animation? Share your thoughts below.


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