Boy from “Jaws” becoming police chief on Martha’s Vineyard

OAK BLUFFS – Nearly 50 years after appearing in “Jaws,” the boy in the fake shark scene is becoming a police chief on Martha’s Vineyard.

Oak Bluffs has appointed Sgt. Jonathan Searle to be lead the police department, The Vineyard Gazette reports.

Searle and his brother portrayed two kids with a cardboard fin in the 1975 classic that caused a beach panic. It’s a fact that the Edgartown Police Department, where Seales is a sergeant, likes bringing up.

The Edgartown Police Department points out Sgt. Jonathan Searle’s appearance in “Jaws.”

CBS Boston

“I’m finding the whole thing quite funny myself!” the 56-year-old told The New York Post.

Searle is a native of Martha’s Vineyard. In his interview for the position with town leaders, he said he has been “committed to community policing my entire career.”

“I believe I have the leadership skills, I have the training, I have the experience. . . to put out a product that I believe in, especially in these particular times regarding law enforcement,” Searle told the Oak Bluffs Select Board.

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