Carlos Correa contract will be one of Giants’ worst, Chris Russo believes

The Giants shocked everyone Tuesday night by agreeing to a monster 13-year, $350 million contract with superstar shortstop Carlos Correa in free agency.

That includes MLB Network’s Chris Russo, who criticized San Francisco for the eye-popping contract Wednesday morning on “High Heat.”

“I didn’t realize the Giants were this desperate,” Russo said. “I didn’t think any team would go out there and give him 13 years, $350 million. He got it and he is just a superstar, he is great, there’s nothing else to say. He is absolutely superb.”

Oh, but Russo has much more to say.

“To sit there and give him what San Francisco did, at 13 years, they need their heads examined,” Russo added. “That is a, and this is a quote, and I don’t care if San Francisco never talks to me again, this is an awful, awful contract. The Giants aren’t winning anything, I know they were desperate, they fell short of [Aaron] Judge, nobody’s gonna buy tickets to (see) Mitch Haniger and Sean Manaea and Ross Stripling, I understand that, but also nobody’s going to buy tickets in the Bay Area for Carlos Correa either.”

In Russo’s mind, Correa is a “superstar” and “absolutely superb,” ​​while simultaneously not enough to sell tickets. Russo then proceeds to make a very bold prediction that Correa’s contract will go down as one of the worst moves in Giants franchise history.

“He is not on the Judge level, he doesn’t make you go to the ballpark,” Russo added. “This is a guy whose highest MVP (finish) was fifth, he’s made two All-Star teams, he’s never hit 30 home runs, he’s driven in over 85 runs once in his career. Last year he hit 22 homers and 64 RBIs. He’s a lifetime .279 hitter … over 162 (games), there is not a chance in hell I would ever, ever give him $350 million. ..

“To sit there and think that you are going to build your team around a guy who is 29 years of age in September, that you are going to build your team at whatever it is, $29 million a year, whose highest MVP vote was fifth and you’re going to give him the same money the Yankees gave Judge who sells tickets and gets TV ratings on YES? contract that is going to go down as one of the worst contracts or moves in the history of the San Francisco Giants.”

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Now that’s a bold statement.

Correa, the former No. 1 overall draft pick in 2012, has 13 years to prove Russo wrong. And based on his ability to bet on himself last year and cash in this week, Correa doesn’t seem like a player who will back down from a challenge.

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