Chris Cyborg vs. Simone Silva: Live round-by-round updates

MMA Fighting has Cris Cyborg vs. Simone Silva live round-by-round updates for Cyborg’s boxing debut, which takes place Sunday at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil.

The main event is expected to begin around 7 pm ET on FITE TV pay-per-view. Check out our Cyborg vs. Silva results page to find out what happened on the undercard and the main event, which features former WBO and WBA champion Acelino Freitas facing vale tudo legend Jose Landy-Jons in a boxing exhibition.

Cris Cyborg will compete in her boxing debut. The current Bellator featherweight champion, Cyborg has held titles in the UFC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC while racking up a 26-2 (1 no contest) record as an MMA fighter. The 37-year-old Brazilian is widely considered to be one of the greatest female fighters of all-time.

Simone Silva is a veteran fighter with an 8-4 record as a mixed martial artist and a 17-22 record as a professional boxer.

This eight-round contest is the co-main event of the Fight Music Show 2 event.

Check out the Cris Cyborg vs. Simone Silva live blog below.

Round 1: Here we go, folks. Cris Cyborg’s next chapter starts tonight. Carlos Santos is our referee. Cyborg makes her debut boxing ring walk draped in Brazilian green and yellow with “Conquistando o Impossível” getting the live treatment from pop singer Jamily. And here comes Silva, wearing black and silver. Much less pomp and circumstance for her. Cyborg, 37, is two years Silva’s junior. They touch ’em up and we’re off. Silva wings an overhand that misses. Cyborg paws out a few jabs, then ties up in the corner. Cyborg stalking forward, she goes body-head-body. Cyborg walks Silva into the ropes and uncorks a combination. Big flurry from Cyborg, but Silva answers with a hard shot of her own. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg.

Round 2: Cyborg goes back to her one-two, and again. She has her distance measured perfectly right now. Cyborg throws again but Silva ducks under and they tie up. Cyborg charges forward with a flurry off the break. They trade combinations and Silva slips at the horn. Not a knockdown. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (20-18 Cyborgs.)

Round 3: Cyborg starts off fast, winging punches in bunches. Another hard left hand lands for the Bellator champ. Cyborg stalks Silva into the ropes then connects with a stiff right. Silva answers back but she got the worst of that one. Another Cyborg left hand finds its mark. She’s starting to settle in. Cyborg misses body-head then ties up. Siva eats a right hand. They trade punches at the bell. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (30-27 Cyborgs.)

Round 4: Cyborg is cruising. She flicks out her jab then misses with a huge straight right. Big flurry in the corner from both women but nothing lands flush. Silva eats a combination. Cyborg continues to do work with that straight right. One-two misses for Cyborg. She sticks a stiff jab in Silva’s face. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (40-36 Cyborgs.)

Round 5: Quick tie-up in the center of the ring. Cyborg paws out her jab then lands a nice uppercut with her right hand. More jabs — Silva is just eating them. Cyborg goes head-body-head as Silva finds herself trapped against the ropes. They break free to the center and Cyborg goes back to her right hand. Another big flurry from Cyborg as she stalks Silva to the corner, and the Bellator champ is smiling. She’s enjoying this. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (50-45 Cyborgs.)

Round 6: Cyborg tosses out a combination but eats a hard counter for her troubles. Silva tries to capitalize but misses her follow-ups to the body and head. Cyborg continues to work behind her jab. Hard one-two lands for Cyborg. Cyborg blocks a two-punch combination then fires back with a hard right hand. They trade jabs. Silva is undeterred. She’s still in this. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (60-54 Cyborgs.)

Round 7: Cyborg dials her pressure up with a couple early flurries. Silva jabs to the body then eats a left hand. Cyborg just misses with another left hook, then follows up to the body. Accidental head butt as Cyborg charges inside on Silva against the ropes. Big exchange and Cyborg cracks Silva with a hard left hand! And another! The bell sounds just as things are heating up. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (70-63 Cyborgs.)

Round 8: Cyborg picks up the pace to kick off the round. And just as I write that, things slow back down. Both women hanging back and looking to pick their shots. Cyborg swings and misses with a looping hook. Silva cracks Cyborg hard! Cyborg just eats it, then answers with a left hand that lands flush. Silva shakes her head. Cyborg flurries against the ropes. They trade right hands! Huge salvo from Cyborg! Fun way to end a decent scrap. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cyborg. (80-72 Cyborgs.)

Official result: Cris Cyborg def. Simone Silva via unanimous decision

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