David Ross sounds off on Josh Winckowski’s Wrigley

Cubs manager David Ross took issue with Red Sox pitcher Josh Winckowski’s Wrigley comments.

After Winckowski played his first game at Wrigley on Saturday and lost 3-1, he said the 106-year-old ballpark didn’t hold up to the hype.

“Fenway kind of has a presence to it. I really didn’t get that here, to be honest,” Winckowski said postgame. “I said to my mom last night, this place is very stock standard, if you ask me. I didn’t really feel anything, to be honest. It kind of just felt like another ballpark.”

Josh Winckowski
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Ross, who played catcher for both the Red Sox and Cubs before becoming Chicago’s current manager, didn’t shy away from putting the rookie in his place.

“I don’t know what his life experience is, but I appreciate this place a lot,” Ross said. “I’ve got a lot of history here. This is one of the best I’ve ever been around.”

“I’ve been part of a World Series in both [Wrigley Field] and Fenway Park]… [Saturday] night at Wrigley felt pretty awesome. It was nice to have fans on their feet, the ‘Go, Cubs, Go,’ packed house. It was fun.

David Ross
David Ross
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“Fenway’s the same… You walk into it, just like here, beautiful ballpark — a lot of history there. Very similar from my vantage point. Two amazing ballparks and great places to play…”

Even with his comments, Winckowski, a former Mets prospect, has had a solid start to the season, pitching a 3.12 ERA on three wins and two losses.

Ross even gave the rookie credit, calling Winckowski a “pretty good pitcher” after his outing on Saturday.


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