God of War Ragnarok Player Humiliates Valkyrie Queen Gna In 26 Seconds On The Highest Difficulty

A God of War Ragnarok player, on Give Me God of War difficulty, shreds through the health bar of a challenging foe without the aid of realm shifting.

Warning: God of War Ragnarok story spoilers ahead.

HAS God of War Ragnarok player has defeated Valkyrie Queen Gna within 26 seconds, putting on a spectacular display of skill on the highest difficulty. God of War Ragnarok continues its predecessor’s inclusion of challenging fights intended to be fought as part of the endgame, and Gna does not disappoint.

When God of War Ragnarok‘s narrative reaches its conclusion and the credits roll, players will not have completed all the content available among the nine realms. Fractured parts of Asgard fall from the sky, manifesting new locations for Kratos and Freya to conquer. Furthermore, depending on how players opt to progress, an entire region yet to be explored could remain, offering plenty more hours of Santa Monica Studio’s refined and brutal combat experience. Berserkers, God of War Ragnarok‘s version of Valkyries, can prove to be a tough fight for those yet to face their particular mechanics, but even King Hrolf Kraki is second to the true test of skill.


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A video posted to Reddit by reaktioNz presents an impossibly fast confrontation with Valkyrie Queen Gna, one of the few characters to remain fiercely loyal to Odin following the narrative’s end. Found in Muspelheim, Gna will be familiar to those who played god of war 2018, as she fights similarly to every Valkyrie that Kratos has faced, particularly the prior Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun. Fading into view, Kratos is seen rushing towards Gna, staggering her with a frost-imbued uppercut from the Leviathan Axe. The subsequent combo finisher becomes foundational to the short battle, as the player seeks to increase their Glacial Permafrost meter.

Activating a fully charged meter and the equipped hilt turn an already impressive damage output into one that melts through Gna’s health at a speed that many gamers were made speechless by. At 26 seconds, the prompt to execute Gna appears just above her, a feat made even more astonishing by the fact that it was achieved while playing on Give Me God of War, the title’s most challenging difficulty. A single hit from Gna would have been sufficient to down Kratos, explaining why the player was so comfortable boasting such little health.

Those who jumped straight into God of War Ragnarok would have no doubt faced greater trouble becoming accustomed to the Valkyrie move set that was established gradually across the previous entry into the franchise. Many used Realm Shift builds to rise to the challenge, which would slow down time upon the activation of certain abilities, a powerful option that the 26-second Gna victory thing to avoid, making the fight all the more awesome.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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