Google delays August security patch for Pixel devices

One US carrier is applying a hotfix still using July’s security patch

Makers of the best Android phones have their own software skins, and they push security patches and other OTA updates on their own schedules. Pixel users usually have it better in this regard — as the platform’s lead player, Google releases Android security patches on the first Monday of every month like clockwork. However, the update for August seems to be delayed.

Instead of rolling out an update on the first Monday of the month, Google just published the “Pixel Update Bulletin” for August 2022 (another thing we expect around this time), saying the update will feature Android 12, not Android 13, with the August security patch. Interestingly, though, the OTA updates didn’t arrive at 10 am PT, like they usually do. We don’t know why they didn’t publish on time, but it likely came out of a problem significant enough to warrant the postponement.


Meanwhile, Verizon published details about an unscheduled update for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices on its network (via 9to5Google). It details a July 2022 security patch for the devices with a build number (SQ3A.220705.003.A3) very similar to the one which rolled out in the beginning of July (SQ3A.220705.003.A1), meaning that there should be hotfixes of some sort, but nothing that’s been substantially changed since the July 5 Verizon-specific build.

Google’s August patch is supposed to address 40 security issues with severity ranging between moderate and high for kernel components, modems, and cameras.

On a separate note, Pixel 6a owners can now download the June security patch builds (global/unlocked and AT&T/Verizon versions) as full OTA or factory images. The newest Pixel also supports the Android 13 beta program now.

Verizon hasn’t listed updates for any other Pixel model and Google is yet to release the latest build images for a manual installation. An exact timeline for the August patch’s rollout hasn’t been specified, so we’re left playing a guessing game until it actually does.

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