Intel 13th Gen non-K CPUs are 28% to 64% faster than 12th Gen according to leaked tests

Intel 13th Gen Core 65W series tested in Cinebench R23

A performance comparison of the upcoming Intel desktop CPU update.

According to test results shared by chi11eddog, Intel CPU update will bring considerable performance boost to 65W desktop lineup. The leak features internal data from an undisclosed motherboard maker who tested each of the existing 12th Gen Core and soon-to-be-released 13th Gen CPUs side by side.

What is important to note all CPUs were tested on the same motherboard and using the same memory configuration, but it is not clear which model and whether this was DDR5 or DDR4 technology.

Processors were tested in only one benchmark, so those numbers are unlikely to translate into raw gaming performance. However, Cinebench test, especially the newer R23 release is nowadays preferable comparison tool for CPUs.

Intel 13th Gen Core Cinebench R23 (single-core), Source: chi11eddog

According to these results, the Core i9-13900 would be up to 10% faster in single-core test and 53% faster in multi-core than the predecessor. The newer model has 500 MHz higher boost clock but also 8 Efficient cores more, which explains why the multi-core performance has increased this much.

Intel 13th Gen Core Cinebench R23 (multi-core), Source: chi11eddog

Other CPU models see 3% to 6% increase in single-core and 28% to 64% increase in multi-core. The biggest jump can be observed on i5-13500 non-K CPU which sees up to 64% higher performance boost, but at the same time, the lowest single-core gains.

All these CPUs feature default TDP of 65W and are compatible with existing and upcoming LGA1700 motherboards. Furthermore, they support DDR4 and DDR5 memory, which is not the case with Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

Intel is set to launch all five CPUs on January 3rd alongside its new B760 motherboards. This lineup of Intel CPUs will put a lot of pressure on AMD Ryzen 7000 series, which are expected to receive an update around the same time as well.

Intel 13th Gen Core Series Specifications
SKUs Architecture Configuration Base Clock MaxClock L3 Cache PBP
Core i9-13900KS
Core i9-13900K
Core i9-13900
Core i7-13700K
Core i7-13700
Core i5-13600K
Core i5-13600 TBC
Core i5-13500 TBC
Core i5-13400
Core i3-13100 TBC

Source: chi11eddog

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