Is the Housing Market in a Bubble, Will It Pop? What 32 Experts Say.

Using the eye test, it might seem at first glance like the US housing market is in a bubble that’s ready to burst.

There’s been a steep spike inhome prices over the last two years amid a buying frenzy. And now long-term mortgage rates are surging as well as the Fed hikes interest rates, climbing from 3% to more than 5% since the beginning of 2022.

But bubbles are hard to call, as is timing them. So, what do the experts say?

Earlier this month, we asked 32 real-estate experts these simple questions: Is the US housing market in a bubble? Why or why not?

A majority of their answers amounted to a no, for a variety of reasons. But six of them said yes, and warned of a decline in prices ahead.

To read their answers in detail, see our full story below.

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