Jack In The Box Employee Responds To Britney Spears’ Callout

And you thought your workplace drama was bad…

A TikToker claiming to be the Jack in the Box employee Britney Spears blasted on Instagram is speaking out about the incident—and it’s definitely awkward.

Their interaction went instantly viral over the weekend after Spears posted an angry call-out at the employee for showing her “pity” when he noticed she was crying.

The uproar comes on the heels of a recent spate of unusual behavior and Instagram posts from the star that have sparked so much concern that Spears’ husband Sam Asghari addressed it in a recent interview.

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Her lashing out at the Jack in the Box employee is the first controversy to erupt since Spears deleted and then reinstated her Instagram account last week.

But though the employee says he’s embarrassed by the encounter and the backlash from Spears’s viral Instagram call-out, he’s not holding it against her.

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The Jack in the Box employee posted a TikTok video after Britney Spears slammed him online.

She may have sung some of the biggest hits in history, but even a pop icon worth some $70 million is just another customer when she’s in a fast-food drive-through.

The employee detailed in a TikTok Storytime that his encounter with Britney Spears at the Los Angeles Jack in the Box where he works started out like any other.


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