King Charles III Reportedly Has a Very Calculated Response As To Whether He’ll Strip Prince Harry & Meghan Markle of Their Titles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary series has spurred a lot of controversies in the past week, and despite everyone wanting the British royal family to fight back, they seem to be adhering to their well-known motto of “keep calm and carry on. ” However, there’s something that’s equally on everyone’s minds, “Will King Charles III officially strip them of their titles?”

Ever since King Charles came into power this year, many have been wondering when and if he will strip his youngest son and his wife of their titles, but so far, he’s stood firm on the fact that he’s not touching them — and this time is not too much different. After the first half of Harry and Meghan’s docuseries came out, experts and insiders alike have said he’s not touching their titles again (but it’s for an insanely calculated reason!)

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One royal expert told Page Six exactly what will happen with that: King Charles won’t be touching their titles anytime soon. “Stripping their title is not something the king would likely ever consider … mostly because it would be too petty and punitive,” they said. “It would only lead to the Sussexes claiming that it was a retaliatory action and proof they were never wanted in the royal family.”

Basically, this person claims that Charles won’t strip them of their titles because they believe Harry and Meghan would use that as ammo in their statements of the palace never wanting her there.

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Now, Harry and Meghan’s titles have been a huge point of contention for the couple, with many people wondering why they’ve kept the title despite abdicating from the family in 2018. Many believe Harry could easily remove his title, but throughout the past few months, the two have been under the microscope for using their titles in their stationary and more.

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Image: Dey Street Books – Credit: Dey Street Books.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

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