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Justin Tucker Is Happy With Jordan Stout’s Holding

Taking over for legendary Ravens punter Sam Koch is a tough enough assignment, but rookie punter Jordan Stout also has the job of being a perfect holder for the most accurate kicker of all time, Justin Tucker.

Koch was called the “best holder in NFL history” by former Ravens special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg. That’s a high bar for Stout, but one he’s expected to (eventually) hit.

Stout has been wearing a Go Pro on his helmet so he and coaches can see exactly what the rookie sees on every practice snap. So far, so good.

“Jordan is doing an excellent job drinking from the firehose, so to speak. We’ve thrown so many detailed things at him,” Tucker said, adding that the Ravens have essentially broken him down and are in the process of helping him to build back up.

“Jordan is doing an excellent job of being coachable, and just being the athlete that we all know him to be. He’s come quite a long way in a very short period of time.”

Tucker gave a detailed answer on exactly how he likes the ball to be held. Some kickers like slightly different holds based off the conditions. Tucker likes the ball held exactly the same way every time.

“I like the lean of the ball to be just so, almost straight up and down, as far as going up and down the field. And then, slightly leaned towards Jordan. That’s pretty typical of most kickers,” Tucker said.

“The way we operate where we trust Jordan to use his hands as a holder. We don’t encourage a guy to catch the ball on the body, because when he’s able to see the ball out here, I’m able to see the ball out here. I see the ball from Nick [Moore]’s fingertips all the way to Jordan’s hands, where ideally he’s catching the ball after just so many rotations from Nick’s hands. He’s catching it with the laces here, and we refer to that as 12 o’clock laces. The goal is to replicate that time, and time, and time again, so much so that it’s boring watching us kick field goals, because we’re doing the same thing every single time. Hopefully that means we’re making a lot of kicks.”

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