Legends of Tomorrow Fans Hijack The CW Upfronts to Demand Justice for the DC Series

Regular Arrowverse viewers would like The CW to know they really, really want to see DC’s Legends of Tomorrow get un-canceled and receive a final season.

Fans took to social media with the hashtag #SaveLegendsofTomorrow after The CW’s Twitter posted an official list for its Fall 2022 lineup. “Who else can’t wait for Fall?” the tweet reads, listing established shows like all american, walker and Kung fubut only one superhero series, DC’s Stargirl. The network’s comment section, however, was bursting with demands that Legends of Tomorrow return, after not being picked up for an eighth season.

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These responses included a user who retweeted their former post in all caps, saying, “LEGENDS OF TOMORROW DESERVES TO CONTINUE. THEY DON’T DESERVE TO END WITH A CLIFFHANGER. WE WON’T GO QUIETLY.” Another fan retweeted a message from the website Bam Smack Pow, which noted, “After a day full of The CW talking about its new line-up, ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ are both trending. That says it all.” Furthermore, after one writer questioned whether the CW had already dropped the post, another response stated that the extensive use of the hashtag is “the reason they deleted the tweet.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premiered in 2016 and followed the crew of the Waverider time ship — comprised of secondary Arrowverse heroes — as they fixed and often caused aberrations to the historical timeline. Following a mixed first season, Legends of Tomorrow would gradually receive critical acclaim for its zany tone, genre-blending storylines, well-rounded protagonists and positive LGBTQ+ representation amongst the main cast. Unfortunately, the show was canceled on April 30, a day after The CW announced that it would not be renewing batwoman for a fourth season. Alongside the recent cancellation of new series Naomithe Arrowverse’s current TV roster has now been reduced to The Flash, Stargirl and Superman & Loisthough it’s currently unclear whether The Flash will be renewed after Season 9.

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In addition to dropping multiple superhero shows, The CW also canceled seven of its major drama programs, including the Dynasty and Charmed reboots and loose Archie Comics adaptation Riverdale. These cancellations follow in the wake of Warner Media and Viacom CBS’ decision to sell the network to media conglomerate Nexstar Media Group, leaving its future in limbo. However, The CW will continue to produce new content, including prequels for supernatural and the walker reboot, respectively titled The Winchesters and Walker: Independencewhich will both premiere this fall.

DC is also currently publishing the Arrowverse-themed miniseries Earth-Primewhose third issue focused on what theLegends of Tomorrow characters were doing in between the events of Season 7.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is available to watch on HBO Max.

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