Mark Sanchez Reacts to Butt Punt by Dolphins’ Thomas Morstead

Butt fumble, meet the butt punt.

This Thanksgiving will mark 10 years since Mark Sanchez and the Jets introduced the term “butt fumble” into the lexicon, and for those of us who have cherished the moment in the decade that’s followed, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time without it . On Sunday, a long-awaited sequel arrived at the end of the billsdolphins game.

Clinging to a 21–17 lead with under two minutes to play, Miami was forced to punt from its own end zone. With Buffalo bringing the pressure, Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead tried to get the kick off quickly. Instead, he booted the ball into the backside of his teammate, with the pigskin ricocheting backward and out of the end zone for a safety.


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