Now Streaming on Riot Mobile

Now Streaming

A hot new feature we’ve just launched allows players to watch streamers playing our games directly on Riot Mobile. Featured streamers are selected from the League Partner Program, and the remainder is automatically selected from the directory. Today the capability supports Twitch streams, but we’ll expand to support other streaming services (such as AfreecaTV) in the future.

Chat & Social

Back in October, we shipped a quality-of-life update to improve the design of chat and the friend list after reviewing feedback from players on the chat experience.

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:

  • Copy & Paste Gamename & Tagline from Profile to make it easier to share with friends

  • Updated message thread color scheme to improve accessibility

  • Added a new section to make it easier to add/accept friends

  • Improved chat performance, such as reducing push notification delays and lagging messages


In August, we shipped a major overhaul of the esports section, which included the capability to watch VALORANT and Wild Rift esports on Riot Mobile and a plethora of new content in the newsfeed. Now you can check the schedule, view past matches, and watch live matches on the go. You can even earn rewards by watching select matches on your phone.

What’s Next for Riot Mobile?

More games means more reasons people come to Riot Mobile. So we want to make sure the content you get matches the games and experiences you personally enjoy. In the months to come, you’ll see your newsfeed more closely reflecting your interests across games and esports as we implement custom tailored feeds based on your playstyles and engagement.

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