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Kevin Long has been one of baseball’s best hitting mentors for a really long time. Some of the time, however, being a hitting mentor resembles being a chief making out a setup. Everyone at home figures they can make it happen, as well.

“Child, you’re showing hitting and everyone is risky to you,” Long’s dad once told him.

“Since everyone understands a thing or two about hitting,” his father said. “They’ve all played Youth baseball. They’ve all at one point played baseball.”

“Most fathers will attempt to show their children the most effective way they know how,” Long said.

In any case, frequently, it’s not the most ideal guidance.

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so we got some information about the baseball tips they would give guardians.

Keep it straightforward

“I would simply get them in an athletic position, settled. I wouldn’t have them step. I’d have them go from here [hands over the back shoulder] to there [the ball] and that is all there is to it. Remove a heap, a step, spread out, get athletic. No step. Giving them the most success is going. With restricted developments, they will be better. The more they attempt to integrate a walk into it, it gets convoluted. Particularly for youngsters.”

Dry swings

“Before we do any drills, we do what we call run through hitting, where you don’t for even a moment incorporate a ball. You simply attempt to get the vibe for it. So attempt to go through it without a baseball from the start and simply inspire them to check whether they can rehash their swing a smidgen. And afterward integrate the baseball.”

Disregard elbow up

“I hear ‘elbow up’ constantly. Significant Leaguers are major areas of strength for so, a ton of them have it up. In any case, I would agree that stay loose with your arms, with your elbows. I need your hands away from you shoulder, about that high [near the ear]. I don’t need them far up. I don’t need them way down. In any case, essentially right away from you shoulder. Also, in the event that my hands went down, they’d be away from me knee.”

Pitching mentor Caleb Cotham


“I tell the children each camp, how you hold the ball is vital. You need to hold the ball … the same way however much you can. Grasping it four-crease to toss the ball as precisely as possible. In the event that you’re not a pitcher and you toss it two-crease, the ball will move excessively. You will not be as precise.”


“It’s actual straightforward, yet look precisely where you’re attempting to toss it however much as could be expected. That scales the entire way to the major associations. Since your eyes direct where you step, your eyes direct where you walk, your eyes direct where your equilibrium is. So assuming that I’m looking some place and my eyes are lethargic or late, I can get off balance. It influences your equilibrium and view of the climate. You wouldn’t walk straight and focus on the side. To turn a door handle, you don’t turn away. You could miss.”

Be a hurler

“I truly urge guardians to underline tossing the ball and being a decent hurler as opposed to telling the ball. Expertise finds opportunity to create. On the off chance that you foster the aim to toss hard — not be guaranteed to toss hard, however the correct way for a decent toss — you can be a decent pitcher, you can be a decent shortstop, you can be a decent outfielder. Try not to overemphasize wonderful mechanics or the ability of pitching, which is tossing your pitches to specific spots. Be athletic each time you toss the ball. Try not to be a robot.”

Infield mentor Bobby Dickerson

It’s anything but an egg

“I hear individuals say, ‘Catch the ball delicate, get it like an egg.’ It’s anything but an egg. I likewise hear, ‘Get your butt down.’ You need your back level [parallel to the ground] and your glove out in front.”

Third-base mentor Dusty Wathan

Two hands! Two hands!

“The vast majority don’t understand the reason why they help children to get with two hands. The explanation you train children to get with two hands is on the grounds that it makes them move their feet. In the event that I will get a ball [to my right] with two hands, I want to move my feet. That is the greatest thing. Move your feet. At the point when you age, everything turns into a one-gave game. However, when you truly need to train a youngster to move his feet, you advise him to get with two hands, since he needs to move his feet. Everyone expresses get with two hands. Indeed, this hand [barehand] sits idle, truly, other than it makes you move your feet to the ball.”


“I think Wiffleball is something astounding — or hitting bottle covers and that’s what things like, since it gives you different swings, rather than one norm, amazing swing. It helps you to change swings, change your hands, acclimate to balls. You take a gander at a great deal of good hitters, particularly from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, they could deal with the bat, and they will hit for a high normal since they’re putting the barrel ready. A great deal of it comes from Wiffleball or Beteyah, which is the game they play in the Dominican. You can purchase that variant of the game at this point. My child has it.”

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