Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Guide: Get Every Legendary

Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon drive away.

Image: The Pokemon Company

Wherever you’ve fallen in your Pokémon journey in the month since pokemon scarlet and Purple were released—either sticker to the grind or protesting some of the year’s most glaring bugs—you’re still under the shadow of a 24-year-old refrain: gotta catch ’em all. Thought Scarlett and Purple marketing has featured legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon most prominently (likely by virtue of both these serpentine creatures turning into Harley-Davidson bikes upon request), the games actually have six total legendary Pokémon combined. I’ll tell you how to catch ’em all, every last one of ’em.


Scarlett players will receive Koraidon naturally as they progress through the game’s core story, and the legendary will be able to start providing transportation at the end of the tutorial. But to unleash Koraidon’s full potential—different types of movement like dashing and gliding—you’ll have to progress through Scarlett‘s Path of Legends storyline and defeat the five Titans. Finishing the complete main story allows you to battle Koraidon, too.

But you can also pick up another Koraidon upon completing the game by heading down to Zero Gate and entering the Great Crater of Paldea. Koraidon will be standing on an iridescent cliff outside of Lab Zero, waiting to be caught.


Everything about Koraidon applies to Miraidon, but for Purple players instead. Purple and Scarlett players can also trade exclusive legendaries if they want both in one game, which might incentivize finishing the game and grabbing that double.

Chi Yu

Dark/Fire-type guppy Chi-Yu is one of the “Ruinous Quartet,” a group of legendary Paldea Pokémon that represent hatred, fear, and envy. They are cute though, despite their malevolence.

Chi-Yu is floating around North Province (Area Two), in a cave locked behind a glowing blue shrine, or the Firescourge Shrine. Your history teacher Ms. Horseradish will mark this shrine and the other three on your map if you talk to her.

You can open Firescourge by plucking all eight blue Ominous Stakes from the ground, which immediately crumble when you interact with them. You’ll hear the legendary cry out once you crush the final stake, the chains on their prison unleashed.

Once you get rid of the blue stakes and reach Chi-Yu, you can fight for it. The legendary will be at level 60, as will be the rest of the Ruinous Quartet, and you should look out for its Beads of Ruin abilitywhich decreases your fighting Pokémons’ Special Defense by 25 percent.


Ruinous sabertooth Chien-Pao is locked in the yellow-lit Icerend Shrine, in West Province (Area One). You can release the frowning Dark/Ice-type by removing all yellow Ominous Stakes. Dog-Pao can use Sword of Ruinan ability that decreases Defense by 25 percent.

Ting Lu

Red-eyed Ting-Lu is a stony Dark/Ground-type, sealed behind the green Groundblight Shrine on the Socarrat Trail. You know the drill—get rid of the green Ominous Stakes to get to this Ruinous Pokémon. It can perform Vessel of Ruinwhich decreases your Pokémon’s Special Attack by 25%.


Closing out the Quartet is Cousin Itt’s nephew Wo-Chien, a Dark/Grass-type obscured by browning leaves. It’s bolted behind the purple Grasswither Shrine in South Province, which you can open by destroying all purple Ominous Stakes. It’s able to use Tablets of Ruindraining your Pokémon’s Attack by 25%.


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