PS Plus Premium’s PS1 Games Can Have Trophies After All

Well would you look at that? PlayStation Studios’ Sony Bend — best known these days as the developer of Days Gone — has basically just confirmed that classic games coming to PS5 and PS4 via PS Plus Premium can have Trophy support after all.

Referencing Syphon Filter — Sony Bend’s breakout hit on the original PlayStation — the studio states that the PS1 stealth-’em-up will ship with Trophies when it hits Premium in the coming weeks.

This, of course, means that PS1 games can be retrofitted with Trophies — something that Sony didn’t even mention in its PS Plus re-reveal earlier this month.

we would assume that this means Trophy support must be implemented by the developer, and with Sony Bend (obviously) being a first-party outfit, it makes sense for it to go the extra mile. We wouldn’t be surprised if most of Premium’s first-party titles come with Trophies following this realisation.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that all classic PlayStation games through Premium will be blessed with digital trinkets. Again, it seems as though it’ll be up to the developer.

Still, good news for those who feel as though Trophies have become an integral part of their gaming habits. Hopefully Syphon Filter is the first of many.


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