Right Or Wrong: United Airlines Worker Is Fired, Black Male Passenger Arrested

Who was right and who was wrong? The water is getting muddier by the minute.

A former United Airlines employee was fired after fighting with a passenger. The clip went viral over the weekend, into Monday and immediately got all of us talking about a fight between a former NFL player and a worker for United Airlines. It was quite a topic because we saw part of it at first, and then later, a slightly larger clip. So the first clip showed a bra Lake big white guy, likely of Italian dissent, slap a black passenger. The passenger stunned and responded by striking the man with a two piece. That two peas, likely with a biscuit, sent the bigger man sprawling backwards into the luggage drop at Newark airport in New Jersey. It look like he might join the luggage in the plane for a second there.

The former employee, who has yet to be identified by the airline, was fired. The passenger, now known as Brandon Langley, was arrested. We do not have all of the information, but based on the footage it looked as if the employee was a participant at the very least.

In the video, they stare each other down, and then Brandon is slapped. Brandon, who still plays football professionally in Canada, appears to be stunned afterwards. “You saw that s###?” Langley says after getting slapped.

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Well, the employee takes his butt whooping like a pro and even gets back up, still ready to fight. And then others began to convene around it to stop it.

Like I said before, it is unclear as to what exactly led up to the altercation. But, it seem like part of the drama stems from Brandon using a wheelchair to move his luggage, rather than buying a luggage cart. Even though he was arrested, Brandon is basically saying that he is taking his fate to the court room. He hasn’t explicitly stated what he’s going to do but it seems like he’s not letting United “off the hook. “

Personally, I think that the employee was in the wrong. I know that it seems that the former NFL football player was in the wrong, because he seem to be more aggressive in the longer clip. But the way he was shot at the slap, and then asked those attending if they saw it…makes me believe that he was genuinely stunned at how the other person was acting.

He knew there were witnesses and he likely knew it was being recorded. For that reason, I go with the brother man. But, he made a mistake if he though people watching from the internet was going to be on his side.

Here he speak through his twitter:

its crazy how u can get assaulted by an actual airline employee and defend urself, but media will run the narrative that they want to… this is the problem in our society today smh dont believe everything u read! @TMZ tbh this is shitty of yall. taking another mans pain as a joke https://t.co/oIiwiOtL70


every angle shows me walking away from buddy, i had a whole ass flight that morning i did not want any smoke! he followed me all the way down to the kiosk just to cause me bodily harm. im honestly still shocked


u can clearly see soooo many @united employees watching everything unfold while im basically begging for help. craziest part not one of them helped De-escalate the situation! it was like they wanted it to happen. like i had a target on my back


And then buddy puts it all in perspective.

all jokes aside i hope this moment doesn’t last longer than the 10 beautiful souls we lost in Buffalo last week… that should rly be the topic. prayers up for them 🙏🏾


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