Roger Goodell says he’s “not aware of” other owners trying to force Dan Snyder out

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Despite persistent talk that other owners would like to force Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder out of the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell says he hasn’t heard anything about it.

Asked at today’s league meeting whether it’s true that some owners are counting votes to see if they could get the necessary three-fourths majority to force a sale of the Commanders, Goodell said he hasn’t been told that.

“I’m not aware of that at all,” Goodell said.

Snyder’s team has been and continues to be the subject of multiple investigations, and accusations of various forms of improper conduct, and the cumulative effect of it all appears to be that at least some of his fellow owners want to get rid of him.

Goodell, however, said he wants the investigations to be before coming to any conclusions.

“Let’s wait and get the facts,” Goodell said.

Some owners appear to think the facts already in evidence are enough to push Snyder out. Goodell isn’t there. At least not yet.

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