Shotzi responds to fan reaction to WWE Money in the Bank match – WON/F4W

Shotzi says that some of the comments she’s received following Money in the Bank have “hit hard.”

The SmackDown wrestler performed in the women’s Money in the Bank match on the pay-per-view. On Monday, she posted a statement on Twitter addressing critics of her performance.

“There are 3 things I care about at the end of a match. Is everyone safe? Did everyone have fun? Did the crowd react? Nobody got hurt. We all had a blast and the Vegas crowd was HotHotHot! I felt on top of the world after that match and was so excited to finally have my first hardcore match in over a year. I wouldn’t have done anything I didn’t practice or thought I couldn’t do safely. But I’m not a wrestle robot , I’m human and slips happen especially in a CHAOTIC UNPREDICTABLE ladder match!


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