Steph Curry compares Mavericks to Grizzlies series that ‘shook’ Warriors

If the Warriors’ series against the Dallas Mavericks is anything like the team’s previous six-game bout against the Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State is in for an exhausting battle.

After the Warriors’ 112-87 blowout win over the Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals at Chase Center, Steph Curry was asked about the energy in the arena and if he ever expects it to fuel a scoring frenzy as it did on Wednesday night.

“There’s always that confidence,” Curry told reporters after the game. “The Memphis series shook us a bit from time to time where three quarters, three-and-a-half quarters, it didn’t seem to be clicking. But again, we’re all still trying to continue to get better and peak at the right time on both ends of the floor and we do have the ability to turn it up pretty quickly.

“You don’t want to rely on that and be playing from behind a lot, but it is how we play and when you have that ability to create separation like we did in the third quarter, that’s a fun way to play.”

At this point in the playoffs, teams are making adjustments game-to-game, swapping players in and out of the lineup and constantly adapting to whatever a difficult series throws their way. The Warriors experienced that firsthand in the semifinal round and likely will again versus the Mavericks, who Curry expects to make adjustments.

“There’s a lot of nuance to what Memphis did offensively that you had to be aware of,” Curry said. “I think this one probably has the potential to be very similar to the last series where a lot of adjustments from game to game and you have to be able to react on the fly, especially in that first quarter, settling into what the flow of the game is because it’s two entirely different paces, their comfort zone versus our comfort zone. You have one guy that can literally dominate a possession if you let him get to spots that he’s comfortable with.”

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After a second-half sprint to the No. 4 seed in the Western Conference and a difficult journey through the playoffs, the Mavericks already are battle-tested as a group.

How they respond to the Warriors’ Game 1 shellacking remains to be seen, but certainly, Golden State can expect the Mavericks to have a different plan of attack moving forward.

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