Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Teaser Trailer, Release Date

Not sick of “Running Up That Hill,” yet? Then the trailer for Stranger Things, season four, volume two, is for you. The “epic two-part season finale” will premiere on July 1, wrapping up the show’s four-season arc. (It is still unclear how “two-part season finale” is any different than “the last two episodes of the season,” but we’ll certainly keep you posted on that.) The Kate Bush–scored trailer promises many fights, lots of ominous words from Dr. Brenner, and, hopefully, a lot of cool power usage by Eleven, because I’m still not over the scene in the first episode of this season, in which she tried and failed to blow that bully’s head up. Also, honestly, I did learn from this trailer that “Running Up That Hill” will always get me hype no matter how overplayed it gets.

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