The Gray Man’s first trailer pits an evil Chris Evans against Ryan Gosling

In both the Mark Greeney book, The Gray Man, and Netflix’s forthcoming movie adaptation by the Russo Brothers, one of the CIA’s most highly-trained and valuable agents becomes its number one target after he unearths a dark truth about the agency. The Gray Man‘s first trailer introduces you to Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling) as he fights to stay alive with one of the world’s largest bounties looming over his head and a mustachioed psychopath hot on his heels.

Though Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) and Gentry were once technically colleagues, the two men find themselves at odds in The Gray Man‘s first trailer as Hansen’s tapped to lead the worldwide hunt for Gentry’s head. Gentry’s able to hold his own against Hansen to a point, but his survival seems to hinge on the support people like Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas) are willing to give him. That being said, Hansen is n’t the only professional killer hunting for Gentry, and being in a constant state of motion is seemingly going to be the key to his survival.

The Gray Man hits select theaters on July 15th, and Netflix on July 22nd.

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