The Halo TV series is the gold standard for video game adaptations

Warning: spoilers for Halo season 1 ahead (including the finale). Turn back now if you haven’t seen the latest episode of the Paramount Plus series.

The Halo TV series deviates from the games in unexpected ways. Sure, there are lovely little Easter eggs, nods to major in-game events, and live-action versions of some of the coolest stuff from the games – as well as a brilliant late-stage bait and switch that had me screaming at the TV . But throughout the first season, the plot has been untethered to the games, freely telling a meaningful story about new and old characters and shedding an entirely different light on the people we thought we knew. The result is a complex and unique series that makes the Paramount Plus series the standard-bearer for future video game adaptations.

perfectly balanced

(Image credit: Paramount)

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