Todd Bowles: Buccaneers didn’t consider pulling Tom Brady during blowout

Getty Images

Late in Sunday’s 35-7 blowout of the Buccaneers by the 49ers, San Francisco removed quarterback Brock Purdy. Tampa Bay kept 45-year-old starter Tom Brady in the game until the game officially was over.

On Monday, coach Todd Bowles was asked about the decision to not give Brady the hook, the same way that his future employer did when flipping Bucs-49ers for Panthers-Seahawks on national TV.

“No, not at the time,” Bowles told reporters. “We were still trying to score some points. I think they held the ball the last part of it. Just to hand the ball off and concede the game, that wasn’t it. We were trying to work on some things, so we let him stay in the game.”

That’s always fine, until a key player gets injured in garbage time. Really, what positive work can be done under those circumstances? After playing on Monday night and flying across the country, that should have been a “get out of Dodge” day for Brady and the Bucs.

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