US unlocked Galaxy A53 get new security update, no Android 13 yet

Samsung’s doing a marvelous job of updating as many Galaxy smartphones as possible to Android 13 and One UI 5.0 before 2022 comes to an end. But its efforts have not yielded perfect results, and part of the reason are Samsung USA and the carriers in the country.

The Galaxy A53 5G, for example, has not been updated to Android 13/One UI 5.0 by every carrier in the USA yet, while the unlocked variant of the phone sold in the country has not been updated to Android 13 at all. And, unfortunately, it seems the wait is not yet over for owners of the unlocked Galaxy A53 variant.

That’s because the new firmware update released this week only brings security fixes, leaving the version of Android and One UI the same as before. In fact, even this security update is currently rolling out in what is only considered United States territory (Puerto Rico) but is not a state, although we can hope that will change in the very near future.

Security fixes are all you’re getting for now

The new Galaxy A53 update for unlocked units stateside sports firmware version A536U1UES4AVK6 and features the December 2022 security update. As mentioned above, the update only improves the phone’s security, so it’s nothing to get excited about.

Still, if you love software updates, you can download the new one over the air from the phone’s Settings ยป Software Settings update menu. Our firmware archive also has the necessary files ready to go for those who want to manually upgrade their device using a Windows PC.

Oh, and if you’re using an older mid-range Galaxy phone and are looking to upgrade to the latest that Samsung to offer or gifting a phone to a friend or family member, don’t forget to check out our 2022 holiday gift guide to see how you can save on a new Galaxy A53 or any other device that may take your fancy.

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