VyStar Credit Union customers are frustrated after 5 days of online banking problems

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An outage of VyStar Credit Union’s web and mobile banking platforms is now on day 5. People were lined up inside the Springfield VyStar branch Wednesday afternoon.

VyStar tells us there are no concerns a cyber or ransomware attack caused these outages— it says this began with a scheduled outage Friday to move to a new platform and for many, that outage is ongoing.

VyStar Credit Union says all member funds and data are safe, secure and accurate on its core system. But many members are nervous not being able to see their accounts for themselves on the web or mobile app– or finding their balances to be inaccurate when they can log in.

VyStar member Ariel Taylor says she hasn’t been able to check her account on the app since Friday. “It’s been a little bit more difficult having to either call and get a person on the phone or having to come up to the ATM to find out my balance.”


Donnie Trednick, who says he’s banked with VyStar for nearly two decades—is running into the same issue. “It’s quite irritating.” He says it’s especially frustrating when it comes to business accounts.

“We’re investors, we buy homes and fix them up,” Trednick said. “We have to come do transactions here that are normally scheduled because I can’t be sure that my auto bill gets paid and all that kind of stuff are happening.”

VyStar says autopayments are still going through—but Trednick says he’s not taking a chance on something he can’t see for himself.

“But yeah I’m sure that they’re taking care of the business,” Trednick said. “But, I’m not going to wait and find out. I’ve got people to pay.”

VyStar still dosen’t have an answer on when the issue may be resolved.

Internet networking security consultant Chris Hamer says although this negatively affects a lot of people– members shouldn’t panic.


“We don’t know the cause,” Hamer said. “We don’t know what the time estimate for repair is. But I’m reasonably certain that there are a lot of IT people that are not getting any sleep, and are desperately trying to resolve the situation and at the same time, maintain security.”

And again, VyStar says the banking functions themselves are working—just not the system that displays them online and on the app.

Also, VyStar accounts are federally for up insured up to $250,000.

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