Windows 12: The top things the next version of Windows needs to succeed

It’s already known that Microsoft is hard at work on the next version of Windows. It’s currently in the early planning and engineering stages under the “Next Valley” codename and is targeting a late 2024 shipping window. So, with over two years to go before “Windows 12” is expected to ship, we wanted to share what we’re hoping to see Microsoft focus on for the next release.

Now, before we begin, we should point out that we don’t know the name of the next version of Windows. Not even Microsoft knows as we’re too far out for that kind of thing to be set in stone. For simplicity’s sake, we’re referring to it as Windows 12, as that would be the chronological next release after Windows 11. But it could end up being called anything!

Scalable functionality

(Image credit: Future)

Windows runs on all kinds of devices, from high-end workstations and gaming PCs down to low-cost and low-powered education PCs designed to be as affordable as possible at the cost of power and performance. The Windows ecosystem is vast with some of the best Windows laptops and PCs, so it makes no sense that currently, Windows serves a “one product fits all” strategy.

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